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Transmission Service

Our ASE and State of Michigan certified technicians have the experience and cutting-edge expertise to perform everything from oil changes to complete engine overhauls. 

When it comes to preventive maintenance on vehicles, most of Verburg's customers remember to get their oil changed, but services that occur at longer intervals — like transmission service — sometimes get overlooked. Yet transmission service is part of proper vehicle care. A poorly maintained transmission will fail and lead to repairs.


The transmission transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels. When it's clean and well-lubricated, it gives maximum fuel efficiency. But when it gets dirty or worn down, your transmission will suffer. Your transmission relies on transmission fluid to keep everything running well.

At Verburg's Automotive, transmission fluid can usually be changed while you wait and is simple and not particularly expensive. Compared to the cost of transmission repairs or a new transmission, it's downright cheap! So take some good auto advice from the team at Verburg's Automotive and take care of your transmission. It will pay you back in a longer, smoother ride.

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