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At Verburg's Automotive we aim to provide excellent auto repair service and experience. Our ongoing goals are based around quality of work, timely repairs, certified technicians, warranty repairs and professional behavior. 

A/C Service

Air conditioning service at our Car Center in West Michigan, starts with a visual inspection of the components for signs of damage or leaks. The compressor is driven by a belt from the engine, most often the serpentine belt, so it's inspected for cracks or wear and tear.

Brake Services

Brakes are key and a very important safety feature on your vehicle. If you’ve ever partially lost your brakes in the past, you’ll agree that it’s not something you want to experience again. Inspecting your brakes twice a year for wear and damage can protect you and your passengers. 

Oil Change

We believe a good filter is the key to a quality oil change. That is why we only use quality filters, synthetic blend oil or an oil that your vehicle manufacture recommends. Each oil change includes a comprehensive point check.

Engine Repair

No matter how carefully you drive, your car needs occasional general repairs. These repairs may include engine diagnostics and repairs, alignments, brakes, front end and rear end diagnostic services and electronics service and repair. 

Transmission Service

The transmission transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels. When it's clean and well-lubricated, it gives maximum fuel efficiency. But when it gets dirty or worn down, your transmission will suffer.

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