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Most drivers in our area don't service their air conditioning until after it fails. This is why we recommend maintaining your vehicles air conditioning system. It will keep your vehicle performing top notch - which means that you always have enough refrigerant to properly do the job. Small leaks in the air conditioning system allow the refrigerant to escape and the system can't cool the air.

Along with the refrigerant, a special oil circulates in the system. The oil lubricates the air conditioning components and keeps the seals resilient. Low refrigerant and lubricating oil means that the air conditioning parts will wear out prematurely, and we all know that air conditioning repairs can be costly.

A/C Service

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Air conditioning service at Verburg's Automotive starts with a visual inspection of the components for signs of damage or leaks. The compressor is driven by a belt from the engine, most often the serpentine belt, so it's inspected for cracks or wear and tear.

The air conditioning compressor and other components are checked for proper operation by your Verburg's Automotive advisor. Then comes the leak test. If a leak is detected, often in a hose or connection, it's repaired and the vehicle system is retested. Your Verburg's Automotive technician will also perform a temperature drop test.

If needed, the old refrigerant is evacuated and the system is recharged with clean, fresh refrigerant. A final test insures that the air conditioner is working, and you're on your way.

How often this should be done at Verburg's Automotive varies from vehicle to vehicle. Your vehicle owner's manual will have the manufacturer's recommendation and, of course, your friendly and knowledgeable Verburg's Automotive advisor can tell you. It's typically every two years.

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